Making Ornaments

with the 3D printer

Holding 3D printed snowflake ornaments

My girlfriend’s parents have a tradition of getting a new ornament wherever they travel. I liked that concept because each ornament becomes a special reminder of that vacation.

Since we haven’t had as many travel opportunities as her parents, our tree is currently pretty ornament challenged. If you know me, I’m a builder and am always thinking of how we can fill the barren tree with some DIYed ornaments.

Today, I visited one of my favorite 3D printing websites, Thingiverse. After a bit of browsing, I found a Snowflake Ornament Generator.

Using Thingiverse’s built-in customizer, you can generate unique ornaments with a random seed value. Here are the ones we created.

Thingiverse’s customizer is essentially a web UI for SCAD files. Apparently, OpenSCAD is an open-source 3D CAD modeling application that utilizes a scripting language. Hmmm… 3D printing and programming. It looks like I’m gonna have to learn SCAD sometime soon.

BTW, here are some other ornaments that I thought might be fun to print like this or this.

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 / by Alan Solidum
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