Superbowl performance with Rihanna

February 2023

A Daily video

My February 2023. How was yours?

A-frame photo outside Seattle downtown public library

January 2023

A Daily video

How’s your 2023 kicking off?

Text showing Year 2022

Year 2022

A Daily video

Check out my 2022 journey with this 1-second everyday/daily flash video! I began this creative project to document my daily life, and I’m thrilled to have stuck with it for over a year. Thank you to those who have tuned in for my monthly uploads. If you’ve got time, enjoy the compilation of all 12 months, totaling over 6 minutes of memories. Even though it’s a long watch, I’m excited to share it.

Fireworks at Space Needle

December 2022

A Daily video

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Black cat looking at camera

November 2022

A Daily video

Happy November and hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

12th Mandalorian in skeleton costume dancing

October 2022

A Daily video

Happy October and Happy Halloween! What did you dress up as this year?

Closeup shot of dog's nose

September 2022

A Daily video

Goodbye summer… Hello autumn. How was your September?

Boat flag view with Lake Washington in background

August 2022

A Daily video

Hope your summer has been incredible!

Firepit with Seattle cityview in background

July 2022

A Daily video

Things got pretty heated! Hope you had an amazing July.

Cute kitty

June 2022

A Daily video

Late post again. Hope you’re having a nice 4th of July and had an even better June 2022.

Monster prop

May 2022

A Daily video

Few days date. Hope you had an awesome May 2022.

Black cat walking out of cat tunnel

Apr 2022

A Daily video

Pawsitively Purrfect April 2022… So Pawsome!

Snowboarding POV with shadow

Mar 2022

A Daily video

Super Fun Mar 2022!

Cross country skiing

Feb 2022

A Daily video

Hope you had an awesome Feb 2022. Here’s mine. Enjoy!

Wordle screenshot with ROATE starting word

Jan 2022

A Daily video

Hope you’re all having a great 2022! My January 2022. Enjoy!

Sign that says Laugh

Dec 2021

A Daily video

Happy New Year! My December 2021

Alan Solidum surfing at Canoes in Oahu

Nov 2021

A Daily video

My November 2021

Formula One Mercedes race car

Oct 2021

A Daily video

My One Second a Day compilation for Oct 2021.

Iterm bash shell with daily flash command line

Daily (inspired by 1 Second Everyday)

scripted with Bash and FFmpeg

Daily is a video montage command-line bash tool inspired by the 1 Second Everyday app. It’s powered with FFmpeg