Iterm bash shell with daily flash command line

Daily (inspired by 1 Second Everyday)

scripted with Bash and FFmpeg

Daily is a video montage command-line tool heavily inspired by the 1 Second Everyday app. It's primarily powered with FFmpeg and scripted in bash shell

Google Photos albums page view

Validating Media Uploads

with the Google Photos Java API client

Verito GP (Google Photos) is a validation tool to ensure that all the files in a specific folder successfully upload to your GP account

Exiftool in action

Securing Changeblog Images

using git hooks

As I add more content to this site, I want to ensure the images are free of EXIF geolocation data. Why not automate this process with git hooks?

Fan cover with inlay for carbon filter

DIY Solder Fume Extractor

built with a fan, filter and filament

I'm increasingly working with electronic circuits. Here's how I built a DIY solder fume extractor with just a fan, filter and filament

Holding 3D printed snowflake ornaments

Making Ornaments

with the 3D printer

Want to add to your holiday ornament collection? Use Thingiverse and your 3D printer to add more options on your tree.